Monetary donations can be made via Ko-fi and/or Patreon.

We also have print-on-demand clothing for sale here, with ~$4 of each purchase going to support PhilTel!

Alternatively, coins can be donated by dropping them directly into the coin slot on a PhilTel phone (no change given).


To grow our footprint within the city, we will need locations to install payphones. Do you or someone you know have ownership of a location where a payphone can be installed? Let us know!


PhilTel is always in search of hardware to support our infrastructure and installations. If you have any of the following items that you would like to part with, please contact us!

  • Payphones and payphone parts (including handsets, keys, vault doors, keypads, etc.)
  • Payphone enclosures (boothetes, pedestals, backplates, etc.)
  • Bulk telephone cable
  • OpenWRT-compatible routers
  • Unlocked SIP ATA devices

Patreon Supporters

Zach S.