PhilTel is excited to announce the next evolution in in our services! Soon, PhilTel will offer advanced “Cellular Telephone” services, allowing you to place calls on the go. That’s right, new cellular telephones come standard with a power cord for the 12V cigarette lighter in your motor vehicle and some boast a lead-acid battery pack allowing up to 45 minutes of use! No longer will you have to walk around and find a PhilTel payphone, you can have a phone on your person at all times!

Two cellular phones with a demonstration base unit.

PhilTel leverages the modern bring-your-own-device model that other carriers have popularized. Simply bring your phone (currently only 1G AMPS phones are supported, no MTS, IMTS, MTS, NMT, or TACS support exists at this time) to one of our cellular service areas and power it on! The phone will spring to life, allowing you to call or be called by any PhilTel Cellular user free of charge. See a demonstration video below!

We hope that you are just as excited by this new venture as we are. We look forward to your continued patronage!

NOTE: This article is an April Fool’s Day joke. While the technology and video here are indeed real, we will NOT actually be offering cellular service.